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The OFFICIAL 2019 Sidecarcross World Championship calendar

Here the calendar in PDF-file: FIM_Sidecar_Motocross_World_Championship_-_2019_Calendar__16_November_2018


! ! ! Test Days in Genk are CANCELED ! ! !


Meersteeg 15
4191 NK Geldermalsen

MEGA engine test days – Geldermalsen, NL


For a good organisation:
please make your registration on: office@mega-kart.com

Visit our homepage: https://www.mega-engine.com/ or see us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rubigmega

There are righthanded sidecars from WHT, WSP and VMC and a lefthanded VMC sidecar.
Take your chance to test it NOW.

Saturday from 13.00 till 17.00
Sunday from 11.00 till 16.30




Did you mis all the action from Sidecarcross and Quadcross of Nations in Slagelse?
Don’t worry, you can watch the (13 hours ! !) live replay of the event and it only costs 4 euro’s.


Sidecarcross and Quadcross of Nations, Slagelse – DK

Winning podium – photo: Pavlíí Horák

Team Netherlands wins the Sidecarcross of Nations held in Slagelse, Denmark.

All results are available on this results page.

Don’t mis a moment of all action at the Sidecarcross and Quadcross of Nations

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2018 Sidecar Cross des Nations and Quad Cross des Nations brings record star line-up to Denmark

Barely has the dust settled on an extraordinary 2018 world championship season, than the best sidecar cross crews in the world descend on Slagelse Denmark over the weekend of 22/23 September for the annual inter-team competition known as the Sidecar Cross des Nations.

Based on the long-standing solo motocross team competition, competing nations field a team of three sidecar crews to do battle, with total points for each nation counting towards success

Follow the latest news on the Facebook page for the event.


01. 9 Marvin Vanluchene-Ben van den Boogaart BE-NL VMC-Zabel 507
02. 5 Koen Hermans-Nicolas Musset NL-FR WSP-Zabel 426
03. 82 Etienne Bax-Kaspars Stupelis NL-LV WSP-Zabel 392
04. 111 Daniel Willemsen-Robbie Bax NL-NL WSP-Zabel 343
05. 2 Valentin Giraud-Johnny Badair FR-FR WHT-Husqvarna 330
06. 10 Julian Veldman-Glenn Janssens NL-BE WHT-Husqvarna 308
07. 15 Kert Varik-Lauris Daiders EE-LV WSP-Husqvarna 291
08. 8 Brett Wilkinson-Daniel Chamberlain GB-GB WSP-Zabel 268
09. 11 Davy Sanders-Andres Haller BE-DE WSP-Zabel 243
10. 85 Arne Dierckens-Luc Rostingt BE-FR WSP-Zabel 229
11. 14 Riku Kunnas-Lari Kunnas FI-FI WSP-KTM 226
12. 7 Tomas Cermak-Ondrej Cermak CZ-CZ WSP-MEGA 219
13. 4 Stuart Brown-Joe Millard GB-GB WSP-Husqvarna 213
14. 12 Gert van Werven-Jens Mans NL-BE WSP-TM 206
15. 30 Benjamin Weiss-Patrick Schneider AT-AT VMC-Zabel 166
16. 19 Kristof Santermans-Kostas Beleckas BE-LT WSP-Zabel 110
17. 21 Justin Keuben-Dion Rietman NL-NL VMC-Zabel 88
18. 38 Zeno Compalati-Lemuel Ravera IT-IT WSP-Zabel 71
19. 24 Marco Heinzer-Ruedi Betschart CH-CH VMC-KTM 69
20. 39 Bastien Thomas-Siebe van der Putten FR-NL WSP-Zabel 56
21. 54 Pavel Hroch-Martin Hroch CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel 48
22. 17 Christophe Cuche-Stefan Forster CH-DE VMC-KTM 43
23. 49 Joachim Reimann-Philipp Reimann DE-DE WSP-Zabel 31
24. 25 George Kinge-David Keane GB-GB VMC-Zabel 30
25. 22 Mike Keuben-Lars de Laat NL-NL VMC-Husqvarna 29
26. 27 Markus Normak-Karl-Albert Kasesalu EE-EE WSP-Zabel 28
27. 20 Guennady Auvray-Rodolphe Lebreton FR-FR WSP-Zabel 27
28. 110 Jake Brown/Zac Snell GB-GB WSP-Zabel 26
29. 112 Jarno van den Boomen-Kenny van Gaalen NL-NL WSP-Zabel 25
30. 32 Hotmar Pozzi-Simon Walti IT-CH WSP-Husqvarna 24
31. 48 Jan Boukal-Pavel Boukal CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel 20
32. 63 Gary Moulds-Steve Kirwin GB-GB VMC-Husqvarna 19
33. 31 Margo Sonn-Arturs Linters EE-LV WSP-Husqvarna 19
34. 16 Andreas Clohse-Han van Hal BE-NL WSP-KTM 16
35. 100 Dylan Boussy-Dagwin Sabbe BE-BE WSP-Husqvarna 16
36. 90 Michael Hodges-Charlie Ide GB-GB WSP-Zabel 15
37. 171 Bjorn Roes-Hantje van Hal NL-BE WSP-Zabel 14
38. 101 Petr Kolenchik-Matej Hejhal CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel 13
39. 191 Didzis Gorbenko-Tanel Koiv LV-EE WSP-Zabel 12
40. 89 Remo Inderbitzin-Martin Betschart CH-CH VMC-Yamaha 11
41. 26 Tomas Vejchoda-Miroslav Zatloukal CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel 9
42. 23 Nick Janssens-Glenn Janssens BE-BE VMC-Zabel 9
43. 41 Litauras Variakojis-Janis Paipals LT-LV WSP-Husqvarna 7
44. 43 Mantas Kisunas-Rytis Kisunas LT-LT WSP-Zabel 6
45. 36 Tobias Blank-Nick Maas DE-NL VMC-Zabel 6
46. 271 Tomas Baltusis-Tadas Natka LT-LT WSP-Husqvarna 6
47. 124 Romaric Chanteloup-Josselyn Chanteloup FR-FR WSP-KTM 6
48. 53 Taavi Pungits-Birger Taal EE-EE WSP-MEGA 5
49. 56 Fabian Hofman-Cornelio Dorig CH-CH WSP-KTM 4
50. 84 Tanel Reesna-Teet Eier EE-EE WSP-Zabel 4
51. 83 Argo Poldsaar-Ruslan Talf EE-EE VMC-KTM 4
52. 80 David Bolliger-Meinrad Schelbert CH-CH VMC-KTM 3
53. 58 Kevin Cordeau-Dylan Cordeau FR-FR WSP-Zabel 2
54. 59 Janis Jegorovs-Peteris Jegorovs LV-LV VMC-KTM 2
55. 44 Thomas Hamard-Simon Villaines FR-FR WHT-KTM 2
56. 69 Joosep Hansar-Arno Peever EE-EE VMC-KTM 2

These results can be changed due to running procedures on the fueltests at GP9 Strassbessenbach, Germany.
As soon as the FIM publish their press release, we can update or confirm these standings.


GP12 Vesoul, France

Results from the 12th round in Vesoul, France are added on this page.
 The PROVISIONAL standings for the 2018 World Championship are available here.
Also a movie from the races on Sunday is added.



GP11 Roggenburg, CH

Results from the 11th round in Roggenburg, Switserland are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here.
Also a movie from the races on Sunday is added.


GP10 Stelpe, LV

Results from the 10th round in Stelpe, Latvia are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here.
Also photos and a movie from the races on Sunday is added.


GP9 Strassbessenbach, DE

Results from the 9th round in Strassbessenbacg, Germany are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here.
Also a movie from the races on Sunday and pictures are added.


GP Sidecarcross in Roggenburg, CH is now confirmed by the FIM

GP8 Lommel, Belgium

Results from the 8th round in Lommel, Belgium are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here.
There is the movie made by Luc Vanderaa from the races on Sunday, but photos will be added later this week.


GP7 Kivioli, Estonia

Results from the 7th round in Kivioli, Estonia are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here.
As usual you find a movie from the races on Sunday, but photos will be added later this week.


GP6 Cesis, Latvia

Results from the 6th round in Cesis, Latvia are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here.
Also a movie from the races on Sunday is added and a nice gallery with pictures.


GP5 Kramolin, Czech Republic

Results from the 5th round in Kramolin, Czech Republic are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here.
Also a movie from the races on Sunday is added.


GP4 Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Results from the 4th round in Chernivtsi, Ukraine are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here.
Also a movie from the races on Sunday is added.


UPDATED: FIM World Championship Sidecarcross calendar 2018

The event scheduled on 16 September in Rudersberg (Germany) is cancelled.



GP3 Talavera de la Reina, Spain

Results from the 3th round in Talavera de la Reina, Spain are added on this page.
Standings for the World Championship are available here
Photos and video’s will be update shortly.


GP2 Castelnau de Lévis, France

Results from the 2nd round in Castelnau de Lévis, France are added on this page.
Photos and video are on the page to (with the help of my friends).
A new round – new chances, so check out which team received the Red Plate on the new standing for the 2018 World Championship Sidecarcross.


PROVISIONAL 2019 calender World Championship Sidecarcross

The FIM just published the new provisional calender for 2019



GP1 Oss, Netherlands

After an exciting weekend with excellent conditions we have seen great races, but also real dramatic moments.
Most unforunated teams are Bax-Stupelis and Giraud-Mucenieks. Both title-candidates did have their problems this weekend and and did not score or only once.
Hopefully the injuries can heal in time to see them back for the next round.

Results for the 1st round in Oss Netherlands are added on this page.
Also some visual material (photos and videos) are on the page (with the help of my friends).
With the new start of the season, also the new standing for the 2018 World Championship Sidecarcross is available.


UPDATED: FIM World Championship Sidecarcross calendar 2018

The event in Talavera de la Reina has been confirmed and the venue of the Latvian round originally scheduled in Kegums will be held in Cesis.



Practice accident interrupts season preparation Willemsen-Bax

During a practice on Friday at Dorno, Italy team Willemsen-Bax had a technical problem with their frontwheel/mouse resulting a serious crash.
Passenger Robbie Bax was unharmed, but 10x World Champion Daniel Willemsen didn’t have much luck and injured himself.
As far as we findout, the verdict was 3 or 4 broken ribs and some shoulder injury.
Saturday afternoon the team went back home and next Monday Daniel will visit a hospital for further diagnose and start with his recovery.






Sidecarcross season is starting soon

After the seasons holidays, teams getting prepared from the 2018 season. Not only the teams, but also FIM, organisers and we are getting ready for some action.

Many calendar events are available now, but we are still working and adding national events.
You always can send me your national calendar events to update it.

As we bring you the news a.s.a.p, we have the first info for the next 2 events available on our forum under GP Events.
Check out the supplementary regulations, organisers websites and route info.
When starting list become available, they will be posted also under each topic.
So keep looking and get updated.


FIM World Championship Sidecarcross calendar 2018



Sidecarcross and Quadcross of European Nations 2018



MEGA Sidecar engine test days Netherlands

PDF FILE: Test_Days_MSCE_A4_20170905_EN_NL

Eersel, NL – Circuit de Ketelberg
Saturday 21st October 1 pm to 5 pm
Sunday 22nd October 1 pm to 5 pm