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Radical 635cc 2-stroke motor

Sidecar motocross racing is very similar to regular "solo" motocross but with a different type of motorcycle chassis, and with a team of two people riding together instead of one, a "driver" and a "passenger". Several sidecar manufacturers in Europe make a special chassis which will accept the engine, wheels, plastics, and other components from commonly available big-bore motocross bikes such as the Honda CR500, Kawasaki KX500, and 550 KTM. There are also specialized monster size 2-stroke engines such as the MTH 630, and 685cc Zabel which are made just for Sidecar Motocross racing.  The Zabel and MTH are the top engines in the World Championship.

Racing is done on the same outdoor motocross tracks as regular motocross. Sidecars can handle rough terrain including bumps, turns, hills, mud, and jumps. Some teams even do double jumps! The driver handles the bike similar to a regular motocross bike, except the bike doesn't lean in the turns. The job of the passenger is to move his weight around to help go faster in turns and jumps. The passenger does much more physical work than the driver since he moves his whole body around continuously. Excellent physical conditioning is required for both the driver and passenger. One of the most important aspects of sidecar racing is "teamwork". The best sidecar teams in the world have been racing together for many years, and work well as a team.

Huge crowds at Sidecar GP's
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Sidecar motocross is a small but growing sport in America, but it's very big in western Europe. Sidecar motocross World Championship Grand Prix events draw huge crowds. The sport is growing rapidly in eastern European countries.

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